Saturday, February 26, 2011

Superman blanket :)

So this is the Superman blanket I've been working on! I've been doing it for awhile, but I always take longg breaks from it when I want to work on something else. This picture was taken a few months ago, & I've got a little more done since then, but I don't have a current picture with me. I was so excited to do this blanket, because other than a small TN baby blanket, which was easy because it was just a few large squares, this is my first specialty afghan. I originally wanted to make it for Rueben, but he's not really into Superman yet, so I might just go ahead & sell it when I finish. I've also been working on several designs for other specialty afghans, & so far I have a baseball, football, WY Cowboys, Batman, & Atlanta Falcons. My dad wants me to make him a king-size Atlanta Falcons blanket, so I have a HUGE job ahead of me! So excited to start working on that one, too. Sometimes I feel that these blankets aren't as 'fun' to make as my smaller projects, because it's just thousands of small squares, & takes forever to complete, but it's exciting seeing it all come together!! What do you think of this blanket?


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