Friday, April 1, 2011

Fawk You Friday! #1

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I'm linking up with My Mad Mind for this week's FAWK YOU FRIDAY!! (This is not meant to be a profanity, so hopefully it doesn't offend anyone!) 

This week I say FAWK YOU to all the crazy drivers out there. I'm tired of all the college kids in this town who insist on going in my lane, trying to run red lights, who slam on brakes, don't use their blinkers, etc. There are children in these vehicles around you people!!

I'm also saying FAWK YOU to that little voice in my head that said it was okay to go grocery shopping today. Note: It's the 1st of the month.. it's a Friday... Lots of kids are coming back from Spring Break.. need I say more? It was madhouse, and I will try my best to remember not to ever do it again!!


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