Sunday, April 17, 2011

Little Man Update :)

Well I haven't done this before... but I did originally start this blog for my little man... So I figured I would give a little update on how he's been... Even though he's not much of a little man anymore :(

Medical Stuff...
Rueben turned 31 months old this past Friday (April 15). When we went to the doctor Thursday for a checkup & some late immunizations, he weighed 33.25 lbs & is 37 inches tall!! He's a big guy :) That is 1 1/4 lbs & 1/2 inch taller than just a month ago! It makes me so sad that he will be 3 in less than 5 short months :( That means he should be starting school next year (unless his birthday is too late? Sept. 15.. does anybody know what the usual cut-off date is?) 

A few things he likes to do & say...
CHOO-CHOO!!! This is your new favorite word!! You are obsessed with Thomas the Train..he's your favorite toy!! You have about 6 trains, and  you play with them all the time!! I wanted to take you to a Thomas show this summer, but I think you're still a little too young, so maybe next year! We just love pointing out the train on the few occasions that we pass it on the highway, and you get so excited :)
You are doing pretty good with your potty-training. You don't have night accidents anymore, and are completely in underwear!! You still think it's funny too potty on the floor at home sometimes, but always do great when we are out & about. We are so proud of you!
Another new word is MINE... I do not like this one!! You also like to tell me to SHOO when I'm trying to get something from you that you don't need to have... you say SHOO, MINE!! And although I try not to, I can't help but giggle sometimes :) I'm so proud that you're finally starting to talk more!
You know where everything is in each cabinet, and you definitely let us know when you want something! While you don't usually tell us what you want, you tell us to "Mon!" (Come on) and wave your hand toward the kitchen or wherever you want us to go. Then you go straight to the cabinet you want, and we show you everything in it... And you tell us Nuh-uh or Hmm depending on what you want :)
We are going on your second plane trip in just 3 weeks! Me & you are taking a trip to GA for about a month to visit family.. hopefully this time goes better! Last time, we got snowed in, so when we missed our first flight, Mommy got very stressed out! Hopefully this time I will be more prepared & since it will be in May, hopefully no snow! I've made you a quiet book, and we will take your iXL and some trains for the flight... I'm also considering buying the tv stations for a little extra entertainment :)

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