Tuesday, April 19, 2011


In less than 3 weeks, me & Rueben will be going to visit family in GA for a month! I am so excited :) This is my second time flying with him, and last time was a complete disaster! We left the week before Thanksgiving last year, and our flight was scheduled for early in the morning (I don't remember the exact time). Well the night before, we got our first BIG snowfall of the year, and all the roads out of town were closed. You see, where we live, there are like 3 roads out of town, all interstates. So they had police cars sitting at the entrances blocking anybody from access. So I was on the phone & internet all night trying to see when the roads would be clear & if Delta would be able to get me on the next flight. (Of course we can, as long as you pay $100 extra per ticket for the fee!") Well we missed the next flight, too, and finally got there like 45 minutes before the second flight was supposed to go out. I sat at the ticket counter arguing forever with the lady about everything, because Delta had finally said they wouldn't charge me the $200 because it wasn't my fault I missed the flight, and who finally apologized and didn't make me pay the $200 or any baggage fees...WHOO-HOO! Only problem was, I had about 15 minutes to run from one end of the airport to the other, and go through security with a 2 year old... AGGHHH!
Well I made it, barely, but I was red faced & winded from running with him. They had to let me switch seats with someone because there weren't 2 seats left beside each other, so we ended up with me in the aisle and him in the middle. Well he was decent for the first half of the flight, but towards the end, he started kicking the guy sleeping by the window, or pulling on his shirt, coloring on the trays, kicking and screaming wanting to get in the floor, etc. It was terrible! When we finally landed & got off the plane, I called my mom (who was picking us up), who was stuck in Atlanta traffic :( So I waited at the baggage carousel for like an hour, waiting on her, and looking for my one suitcase. It was pretty obvious, it's black with huge flipflops all over it (as you can tell, I didn't want it to get lost). Well guess what? It did! Apparently, the lady at the ticket counter didn't think I would make it to the flight, so she put my bag on the next plane.... So when my mom finally got to the airport, we were stuck in Atlanta for over 3 hours waiting on the next flight to come in with my bag. Then they couldn't find it for like ever, & when I almost blew my top, it mysteriously showed up! Seriously, my eyebrow twitched like the whole 4 hours back to her house. I was THAT stressed out...

So anyways, I am hoping to be more prepared this time around. Rueben has an iXL that he got for Christmas, I am trying my hardest to load my iPod up with free shows that he would like, and I've been working on a quiet book with stuff I have around the house. It's not the best, most people make theirs out of fabric and/or felt, but mine is mostly construction paper, with a small felt board in the back. I added a few ziploc bags with holes punched in the sides to hold his felt pieces. I'm hoping between all this stuff, a few trains, his blanket, and drinks and snacks. He will be entertained. All I'm bringing for myself is my e-reader, which unless he falls asleep, I probably won't use anyway. Wish me luck :)

Also, while I'm in GA, I don't know how much I will be posting. I don't have any review books coming for now, because I won't be home to get them, but other posts, I'm just not sure yet what internet access I will have. My moms internet is always messed up, but hopefully there will be someone coming to fix it before I get there, that way we can Skype with Terry some. Then when I get back, I have less than 3 weeks before Terry graduates and we move, so I will be packing up our house. Hopefully I can still get on here though :) 

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