Monday, March 28, 2011

30 Days of Me--DAY 4

Day 4-Your parents
Hopefully my mom & dad won't kill me for putting their pictures on here... But here they are :)
The first pic is my mom & Rueben when he was born... as you can tell, I look nothing like her! Her name is Shanna. I also have a half-sister named Allison... this is her in the second picture. She is 13 now.

This is my dad & his side of the family... It's a older teeny one, so hopefully you can see!! The back row is my stepmom Wendy, Daddy (Eddie), & me. The front row is my stepsister Liza, my youngest half-brother Aubrey, and my other half-brother Landon. Liza is 16, Landon is 12, and Aubrey is 10.

I think I strayed a bit from the 'parents' topic, but o well.. now you can see my whole family!!