Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sewing :)

Well I will hopefully be getting my first sewing machine this weekend!! This is the one I am hoping to get. It's from Walmart, but I don't wanna get too crazy with my first one! Does anyone have any experience with this one? Let me know if you do.. I would love any reviews or feedback. I'm also going to be getting some Thomas the Train fabric, thread, pins, and anything else I think I need. My first project is a Thomas blanket for Rueben, since he pitched a fit for a roll of the fabric when we looked the other day.. Plus since it's my first blanket, it won't bother me as bad if I mess it up at all. I'm hoping to get experienced enough to eventually be able to sell some of my crafts :) I just hope I get everything I need this weekend without having to go back.. I know I need the sewing machine, fabric, thread, needles (I think some come with the machine), pins, batting (if the fabric doesn't have any on it).... what else? Hmmm.... maybe I need to research it some more!


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