Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Thomas the Train Caddy

So after I finished the blanket Saturday night.. I got the sewing fever!! So I went & browsed around the Walmart Fabric section for a little while, trying to decide what I wanted. I didn't even know what to make, or how much of whatever print I would need. So I finally decided to make Rueben a train caddy!
I got the idea from here, but changed it a good bit, since I only bought cotton fabric & didn't have any felt on hand. Her idea to put train tracks on the top is wonderful.. I might have to add on later!! I mostly used her pictures, and basically just winged it... (did that make sense?.. hmm... anyways!)
This took me all of maybe 45 minutes.. or an hour? I don't know, but not very long. It was super easy, and great practice for a beginner like me. Here is the finished product..
This is the outside.. As you can tell (because I just noticed) the strap to tie the caddy closed isn't very straight.. o well! I would also recommend making it a little longer, but I was just trying to even up my fabric.. It double-ties, but just barely.
This is just a few of Rueben's trains inside the caddy.. I promise the right side is not as crooked as it looks, when I put that green train (Yay for Percy!!) I guess it got bunched up. I just looked again, and it's not like that... maybe Percy is too big for that slot? You can also probably tell that the slots are different sizes. I could tell you that I did this on purpose, but I'm trying to be honest!! I did initially measure it out, but I could either have 4 even sections that would be too big for each train, or 4 even sections & then a teeny one.. I just put the 'trailers' for the trains in the smaller pocket.
And last but not least...
This is the caddy all rolled up.. The tie strap is a little off center, but Rueben doesn't notice. He hasn't even let it be tied shut since I took this picture. I love this little thing, and think it's just adorable. Next on my list will be one for his Cars, and crayons (when he's allowed to use them again!) and whatever else I can think of.. They're great to put the trains in when you're picking up, & then I can just throw the whole caddy in his backpack when we go to leave. He's ALWAYS running around trying to grab as many trains as he can before we walk out the door, so this is perfect!!



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