Sunday, March 20, 2011

In My Mailbox :)

So this week I got a new book in the mail :) I 'ordered' it from SheKnows (a place where I get points for reading e-mails, you should check it out!) This book was normally like 100,000 or so points, but I got it for 10,000 :) SALES baby!! :) I've also ordered another one that was on sale, but it hasn't come in yet.. Anyways I am linking up with The Story Siren to start doing this post.. It may not be every week, or even every other week, but I'll post when I get new books :)

So the book I ordered is called "Wicked All Day" by Liz Carlyle.

The back cover synopsis says...
New York Times bestselling author Liz Carlyle continues her enthralling historical series with the story of an impetuous, illegitimate beauty and the forbidding nobleman who protects her--while fighting an obsession to possess her..
Miss Zoë Armstrong is beautiful, charming, rich--and utterly unmarriageable. So, while she may be the ton's most sparkling diamond, her choice of husbands looks more like a list of London's most unsavory fortune hunters. Since a true-love marriage seems impossible, Zoë has accepted--no, embraced--her role as society's most incomparable flirt and mischiefmaker...until in one reckless, vulnerable moment, her future is shattered.
Stuart Rowland, the brooding Marquess of Mercer, has been part of Zoë's extended family since she was a child. As dark and cynical as Zoë is lively. Mercer has always known they would be the worst possible match..until his scapegoat brother Robert does the unthinkable, and winds up betrothed to Zoë. Now, secluded on Mercer's vast estate to escape a looming scandal and the ton's prying eyes, Zoë and Mercer may find that a dark obsession has become a tempestuous passion that can no longer be denied....

I am so excited to begin reading this book! Whenever I finish (not sure how long that will be!) I will post my review.. :)


  1. Ooh! That book looks great! Stuart sounds seeexxxxyyy :)
    Thanks for stopping by Readers Unite! I love your blog - am your newest follower!

  2. Thank you for the follow :) I'm excited to read this book too.. I love picturing the sexy guys :)

  3. Thank you for stopping by Michelle's Book Blog. :) I have never heard of reading emails for points. I hope you get a bunch of great books.

    Be sure to check my blog often. I do a monthly book giveaway as well as participate in Blog Giveaways. It is about time to clean off the book shelf and do a box of books giveaway. :)

    I love passing along books to folks who'll read them. :)


  4. I will definitely keep checking your blog! The website I use for points & prizes is

    I've always been an avid reader, and read just about anything!! Thanks for checkout out my blog :)